Sanaa airport turned into a barracks for hostilities


The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen reported, on Thursday night, Friday, the interception and destruction of a ballistic missile that was launched to target civilians in Jizan.

The coalition said that it had detected suspicious hostile activity and movements from Sanaa International Airport.

The coalition pointed out that Sanaa airport has turned into a military barracks to launch cross-border hostilities.

And earlier, Thursday, the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen announced, It carried out 35 targeting operations The mechanisms and elements of the Houthi militia in Marib and Al-Jawf within 24 hours.

He added that the targeting operations included the destruction of 24 military vehicles, while the casualties among the Houthis exceeded the killing of 200 terrorists.

The coalition confirmed that 27,000 terrorist militiamen were killed in the battle of Ma’rib, adding: “They have to bear more losses.”

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath sources reported that the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen was executed on Wednesday night. Air strikes targeting warehouses and workshops of the Houthi militia in SanaaShe explained that the coalition strikes targeted Al-Daylami Air Base, which resulted in violent explosions.

It also reported that the coalition had targeted with an air strike a secret site in Sana’a used by experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Hezbollah militia.

The Houthi militia, for its part, mourned the dead of the Iranian militia after the coalition forces targeted the secret facility.


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