Rola Yamout’s transfer to the hospital after an intimate relationship leads the trend..and these are the details


News spread quickly on social media thatRola dieShe was taken to the hospital after an intimate relationship, which made him top trend.
Rola broke her silence on her own account and published a picture of this news, and denied a comment in which she said: “Rumours.”
Rola Al-Jadb always raises her posts, as a video spread on social networking sites of her showing her body in a dance. Followers considered her “scandalous” to the tune of an Iraqi song, while she was almost naked, as she wore an outrageous swimsuit, which shocked the audience.
This is not the first time that Rola Yamout has raised controversy on her personal page on the social networking site, and it will not be the last. Followers have become accustomed to her daring behavior, bikini and exotic pieces that many young women do not dare to wear in public, but she loves to display her graceful body and curves, especially as she maintains her physical fitness.


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