Rana Samaha responds to the criticisms of her last appearance: I love my appearance while I am pregnant… and I wear what shows my stomach | news


The artist, Rana Samaha, responded to the criticism she was subjected to due to her appearance at the end of her pregnancy.

Rana Samaha published a video through her account on the social networking site Instgram from her last appearance on one of the occasions, and commented: “By the way, I love my appearance and I am pregnant, and I am not bothered by my stomach, which is large, and I love to wear what shows it as long as it does not bother me.”

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She added: I do not think that I am strange .. I am happy and proud, and I also do not want to hide it, because I do not know it. On the contrary, I think that I look better.

In the past few days, Rana Samaha performed the wedding of the veiled Miss Aya Makram, where she ignited the ceremony with her famous song “Oba” and sparked controversy after her appearance at the ceremony in the last months of pregnancy, where she is waiting for her first child to come soon.

It is noteworthy that Rana Samaha’s latest work, the clip of her song “Professor of Representation”, which she presented on her official YouTube channel, is written by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Mohamed Fakhrani, and distributed by Zizou Farouk.

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