Queiroz on the exclusion of Tarek Hamed and Zizou from the Egyptian national team: We choose the right player..and wait for changes against Gabon


Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, coach, confirmed for the Egypt national teamThe main goal for which he came to Cairo is to qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The Egyptian team succeeded in qualifying officially for the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers after topping its group in the final before a round of the end of the group stage, after a tie against Angola in the fifth round.

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Queiroz congratulated the players in the press conference for the match against Gabon: “I congratulate the players on qualifying for the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers, when I came here we were two points behind the leaders and now we are in the final stage before a round of the end.”

Queiroz commented on the exclusion of some controversial players such as Tariq Hamed and Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the Zamalek duo, saying: “We always choose the right player for each stage. Our accounts.

Queiroz moved to talk about Abdullah Al-Saeed’s replacement in the face of Gabon: “There will be an opportunity for some players in this match to be substitutes for Al-Saeed and prove their worth after being injured against Angola.”

Queiroz continued: “Ahmed Fattouh’s injury has not yet been determined, but there is also Akram Tawfik who is absent from the match, as well as some players receiving a yellow card and the fear of receiving another before the decisive confrontation, so there will be some changes.”

Queiroz continued his talk about qualifying for the final stage: “This is just the beginning, but the main goal has not been achieved yet. Our focus will be to build in order to meet the two final stage next March.”

And Queiroz added: “We will start developing a plan to strengthen the players’ personality and bring them to the necessary psychological, physical and technical readiness before the month of March. We have good players, but we have to work on the mental side more.”

Queiroz explained that he is focused on qualifying for the World Cup: “The World Cup is the mother of tournaments, a global forum that comes every 4 years and is a priority for us in Egypt in order to reach it. We will work to prepare well for the play-off match.”

On the possibility of winning the next African Championship, Queiroz replied: “Reputation does not come with championships, but work and diligence. Egypt has not achieved the championship 10 years ago. Therefore, we have an important challenge to prove our strength on the continent.”

The Portuguese coach continued, “It is not right for Egypt to be ranked sixth in Africa. We must prove that we are No. 1 on the continent so that we can compete with the world’s top continents in the World Cup.”

Queiroz refused to reveal the team he would prefer to face: “I hope we reach the month of March, and everyone is afraid of facing Egypt, not the other way around. In the end, the lottery will be decided, but we have to be ready for all opponents.”

Queiroz announced the date of announcing the Egyptian team’s list for the Arab Cup, saying: “We will announce it on the 19th of next month, after the end of the league matches. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to include Al-Masry and Pyramids players due to African connections.”

On the choice between winning the African Cup or qualifying for the World Cup, Queiroz answered: “The World Cup is the king of tournaments and our main goal. We will travel to Cameroon with the mentality of winning and returning to the tournament, but qualifying for the World Cup is our main goal.”

It is noteworthy that Egypt is preparing to face Gabon at the Burj Al Arab stadium in the final round of the group stage of the World Cup qualifiers.


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