Queen Marie Antoinette’s bracelets sell for over $8 million


An auction house has sold two diamond bracelets worn by French Queen Marie Antoinette at auction for 7.46 million Swiss francs ($8.18 million), double the initial estimate of their value.

Rahul Kadakia, international director of Christie’s jewelry division, which organized the auction, said the two bracelets had been in the family’s possession for about 200 years, and the buyer made his bids over the phone and was not identified.

Christie’s had expected before the auction that the bracelets would sell for two million to four million dollars.

The auction house said that the queen’s daughter, Madame Royal, received the jewelry upon her arrival in Austria.

The house said that a ring inlaid with sapphires and diamonds, requested by King Edward VIII of Cartier and presented to his American wife, Wallis Simpson, on the first anniversary of their marriage, did not find a buyer for it.


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