Pfizer requests a license for its anti-Corona treatment in the United States


The move comes a few weeks after Merck submitted a request from the US Food and Drug Agency to allow its anti-viral tablets to be used to treat the virus. covid-19 patients.

Experts consider oral medications to be a valuable addition to vaccines as part of efforts to eradicate the pandemic.

“With more than five million deaths and countless people affected by the deadly disease globally, there is an urgent need to provide life-saving treatment options,” Pfizer CEO Albert Burla said in a statement.

“We are moving forward as quickly as possible in our efforts to make this potential treatment available to patients.”

Pfizer is seeking an emergency use authorization based on positive interim results of intermediate and final clinical tests conducted on hundreds of people, including adults with Covid who were not admitted to hospitals who have a high risk of developing severe symptoms of the disease.

The data showed a decrease of 89 percent in Injury rate Which requires hospitalization and deaths when treatment is started within three days of the onset of symptoms, and no deaths were recorded among those who received treatment. The results were similar for those who received treatment five days after the onset of symptoms.

The medicine is given for five days.


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