On the birthday of Fayrouz.. “Flower” of Arab singing celebrates its 86th year


Sharjah: «Gulf»
The “Flower” of the Arab singer, Fayrouz, celebrates her 86th birthday, Sunday; It is considered one of the greatest voices that shaped the conscience of the Arab citizen, and delighted his conscience.
“Neighbor of the Moon” is an exceptional talent; Through a long journey that spanned about 65 years, it succeeded in capturing hearts and capturing the ears with a wonderful voice through the depths and dwelling of conscience. To put Fairouz on top of the Arab Tarab deservedly and deservedly.
Fayrouz has an extensive and comprehensive artistic history; Where she was able to present all the artistic colors, to find ourselves in front of a technical school that includes more than 800 songs, 3 films and 400 albums, in addition to musical plays, especially written by the Rahbani brothers specifically for her, and reached 15 plays, in addition to her dealings with major composers in the Arab world. Such as Philemon Wehbe, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Elias Rahbani, Mohamed Mohsen and Zaki Nassif.
Fairouz was born in Jabal al-Arz in Lebanon on the twenty-first of November 1935 to her parents Wadih Haddad and Lisa al-Bustani. She grew up in the Zkak al-Blat neighborhood in Beirut; Where her father worked in a small printing shop, and she studied at Saint Joseph School in Beirut, until her father had to transfer her to a public school during the Second World War, and since her childhood she loved to sing the songs of Asmahan and Laila Mourad.


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