“On my page, Syndicate, do what I like”


The Egyptian comedy video maker, Adel Shakal, responded to the Musicians’ Syndicate’s decision to ban him from singing, on a list that included 18 other names, stressing that he “is not a singer, but performs some concerts.”
In a video clip on his “Facebook” account, comedian Adel Shakal sent a message to the artist, Hani Shaker, the captain of musicians, and told him: “Professor Hani Shaker, enter my accounts on social networking sites… I am a video performer, not a festival performer.” Appealing to Hani Shaker to review his decision.
In a previous post, Adel Shakkal directed Hani Shaker to say: “Professor and artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions..Uh, I worked as a festival, but I am the content who makes videos..comedies, and praise be to God, it receives the highest views, and this is a livelihood from God.” Why was I suspended?

He added: “I am a producer of comic videos..The employee who put my name in the two positions looks like he has a page on Facebook (on Facebook), so that he knows who the content of his videos is and who the content of his songs is. Videos..because of my great audience..with laughter and joy, and on my page, Syndicate, do what I like..because this is my personal page..not the union’s page, and all thanks and appreciation to the first Egyptian artist Hani Shaker.

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