News 24 | Pfizer President: We expect to be revaccinated against Corona annually… and the new drug is effective against the Omicron mutant


President The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Borla, reviewed the developments in the company’s efforts to confront the emerging Corona virus pandemic and its variants, which began to reach a high level of effectiveness in the vaccine industry.

And he stressed, during his meeting with CNBC, that the world is expected to undergo an annual revaccination against the emerging corona virus, in order to maintain public safety.

Albert, who predicted a few months ago that the world would need a third dose of the vaccine, said that the company expects to manufacture 80 million doses of anti-coronavirus mutants.

Regarding the effectiveness of Pfizer’s anti-Corona drug, Albert confirmed that the new drug manufactured by the American company has great effectiveness against the “Omicron” mutator, noting that the drug was manufactured taking into account the new mutations of the coronavirus.


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