News 24 | Health Spokesperson: We expect a seasonal flu outbreak in the Kingdom


health speakerToday (Sunday), the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, reviewed the developments in confronting the novel coronavirus pandemic in the Kingdom.

He explained, during the press conference on Corona developments, that some countries around the world are witnessing the spread of the hotbeds of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which leads to pressure on the health sectors in these countries.

He pointed out that some countries have taken strict measures to confront the Corona virus, such as emphasizing the wearing of a muzzle and imposing a quarantine on those who are not vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, stressing that there are countries that have announced that treatment for those who are not vaccinated is not free.

With regard to seasonal influenza, Al-Abd Al-Aali stressed that the Kingdom is expected to witness a significant spread of seasonal influenza during the coming period, stressing the need to follow precautionary measures and obtain the seasonal influenza vaccine, which has reached half a million people in the Kingdom.


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