New Korean drama “Hellbound” topples “Squid Game”


Elaf: A new Korean series titled “Hellbound” has removed the “Squid Game” series on the Netflix platform, topping the lists of the most watched series in 80 countries, within 24 hours of its premiere on TV screens, as it became the most watched series in the world on Netflix.

And its events revolve around a strange being who visits people to inform them of the time of their death and that they will go to Hell, and at the appointed time, giant monsters pursue the guilty and burn them until there is nothing left of them but some charred bones.

The first episode of the series premiered at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival last September, and is directed by Yoon Sang Ho.

And media sources revealed that the main reason behind the superiority of the Hellbound series over the Squid game is that while the latter deals with the lives of simple optimistic people who risk their lives for money, the first series was completely opposite, as it deals with the team of demons who are looking for what are supposed to be culprits, and the control of institutions Religious faith based on intimidating people’s minds and promoting a culture of abolition, and a woman’s challenge to this religious institution and an attempt to reveal the truth that what is happening has nothing to do with being a sinner and that it is a strange phenomenon that needs to be studied and explained.


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