Nawal Al Zoghbi officially releases the song “Point End” on YouTube



The artist, Nawal Al Zoghbi, released her new song, “End Point”, on her official YouTube channel, after it caused widespread controversy on social media because of its leak.

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Nawal had published through her account on the social networking site Instagram, in which she said: “The song of a point originally ended, its name (We are for each other). This song is 4 years old. It worked for a special occasion.

Nawal Al Zoghbi shines at the Baghdad concert

On the other hand, the artist, Nawal Zoghbi, recently starred in a concert in Baghdad as part of the Babylon International Festival in Iraq, during which she kissed the Iraqi flag in front of the audience in Iraq, a gesture that caused an uproar around her and was praised for it on social media.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi expressed her happiness with that ceremony, as she shared a group of photos with the audience through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, and commented on her saying: “A night of a lifetime, and a historical stand rooted in my artistic career, thank you .. Iraq, thank you. The really wonderful Iraqi audience, you are the opposite of nature.”

Nawal Al Zoghbi angers the public

The Lebanese singer, Nawal Al Zoghbi, angered the public in the past few hours, and was subjected to a heinous attack campaign in her latest blog post through her official account on the Twitter micro-blogging site. Nawal Al Zoghbi wrote on Twitter: “God is like oxygen. You can’t see it, but you need it to survive.”

Minutes after its publication, the audience began to attack Nawal Al Zoghbi through the comments feature, which came as follows: “There is nothing like him.. God you need him in the hereafter, but oxygen is a temporary need for him. The tweet is not successful. Whatever it was, because he is the Lord of the worlds, the creator of everything.. I know that it was a good intention that you wrote, but this thing is wrong.”

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