NASA launches a satellite to adjust the path of an asteroid


The US space agency “NASA” launched a satellite yesterday (Wednesday), which will point directly at an asteroid to adjust its course, in the first mission of its kind. According to the German news agency.
The defense probe, aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, made by SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, took off at 10:22 pm local time (06:22 GMT), from Vandenberg Station in California.
And NASA wrote in a tweet: “Demorphos asteroid: We are coming to you.”
The satellite, which NASA says is about the size of a vending machine, is scheduled to collide with the asteroid Demorphos in October, during the mission called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test.
The asteroid Demorphos, which has a diameter of about 160 meters, does not represent a danger to Earth, according to NASA statistics, and the mission aims to ensure that even after the collision, there will be no danger to the planet.
The European Space Agency’s Hera mission, scheduled to launch in 2024, is scheduled to study the collision in greater detail.
NASA hopes to perform the mission, which costs about 330 million dollars, to learn how to protect Earth from any approaching asteroids.


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