NASA launches a mission to deviate the path of an asteroid


The US Space Agency (NASA) has launched an unprecedented mission by launching a spacecraft at a speed of 24,000 kilometers per hour, to collide with an asteroid, in a process aimed at distorting its path, and that could allow humanity to avoid any space objects colliding with the planet in the future.

The spacecraft was named “Dart”, an English word meaning “little arrow”, in this case, consisting of the initials of the phrase “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” (a double asteroid redirection test), and it took off from California on a Falcon 9 rocket. From SpaceX at 22:21 local time (06.21 GMT Wednesday). And NASA wrote in a tweet after the launch of the spacecraft: “Asteroid Demorphos… We are coming to you.” Hours before takeoff, SpaceX announced that the weather conditions were favorable for launching the vehicle on time.

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