Muhammad Ramadan is in a new crisis… and a report to the Attorney General


The Egyptian citizen, Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed Amer, from Port Said governorate, issued a report to the Haram Police Department accusing the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, of defaming him and destroying his life and the future of his children.

In a petition submitted to the Attorney General, Amer confirmed that he was “surprised that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published his picture in a theatrical advertisement, Welcome Ramadan, and within the events of the play in the decoration.”

He added that “he took advantage of his image as a dangerous registered criminal, and published videos of the play on social media, in a way that harms his reputation, and leads the public and public opinion to prejudice and offend his reputation and honor.”

And Ahmed Amer continued, in a live broadcast with “Cairo 24”, that “he has 3 sons, and works as a driver in a customs clearance office, and in 2015 he presented a group of goods to a merchant to buy them, and it turned out to be stolen, and he served the legal penalty, while his son browsed the communication sites. He was surprised by the publication of his father’s picture in the announcement of the play Welcome Ramadan by artist Mohamed Ramadan, and he and his brothers were greatly shocked, and he informed his father of what happened to him to be shocked.

And Amer added, “Muhammad Ramadan obtained the photo through the photos, which were taken in the case without the right, and used it without the permission of its owner, and it caused him great problems.”

He pointed out that, “After broadcasting the play, millions of people watched it all over the world, so that people’s view of him is changing, and his children have had great problems with their friends, who dealt with them as if their father is a dangerous recorder,” saying: By God, I am not registered and ask in all departments, it is This is the case and the sentence has been served.”

He revealed that there are Egyptians residing abroad, who watched the video and got to know his person, stressing that “his life was destroyed after the recorder became the danger that millions know, after Muhammad Ramadan put it in the image of the registered dangerous in the pyramid section, in the play Welcome Ramadan.”

He stated that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, “deals with power and money and challenges everyone,” saying: “Although I do not have money with me to travel and follow the case, but by God, I will not give up my right, and I have confidence in the leaders of the Egyptian state.”

Amer appealed to the Public Prosecutor to quickly resolve the case, save his life and restore his and his family’s rights, due to the problems they faced due to the artist’s defamation, Mohamed Ramadan.

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