Mistakes you should not make when visiting a doctor


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Many people make mistakes when dealing with the receptionist who works with the doctor, thinking they are not serious and slow when in fact they are not.

The British newspaper, “Mirror”, reviewed the experience of a receptionist who worked with doctors.

The issue of booking an appointment with a doctor has become difficult these days in light of the Corona pandemic, so there is a long wait to get an appointment with a doctor.

Virtual appointments and phone consultations do not seem to be a solution for patients with health problems.

Former receptionist Richard Kilo says many patients think the receptionists are “rude”, when in fact they are just busy.

He adds that this employee does not stop working all day long, as he does not just answer phone calls, as some think.

It explains the tasks performed by this type of personnel, as they have to cooperate with the couriers who collect blood and urine samples, keep the waiting room tidy, process prescriptions, and write a letter of referral from doctors to specialists.

They have to deal with patients who want to see a doctor quickly, and they think the receptionists are just making them wait for fun.

“Sometimes patients think we don’t want them to see a doctor,” he said.

As for the most difficult part in this job, it is communicating with patients, whom he described as “rude”, as these refuse to listen to logic and reason, according to Sky News Arabia.

He added that these people commit major mistakes against the reception staff, such as making the matter personal by making comments that affect the staff, as well as booking an appointment and then not attending.



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