Meta postpones full encryption of Facebook and Instagram messages until 2023


The company “Meta” (formerly Facebook) announced that it will completely postpone the step of encrypting all messages on the “Facebook” and “Instagram” sites.
And the head of security at Meta, Antigone Davis, wrote in a comment to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, warning that the publication of end-to-end encrypted virtual messages in the “Facebook Messenger” and “Instagram” applications may be delayed until “sometime in 2023.” “.

Davis added that the social media company originally planned to finish the move as soon as next year 2022, but wanted additional time to “do it right”.
Despite the delay, Antigone Davis noted in his response to The Telegraph that Meta will still have the ability to detect abuse through a combination of unencrypted information and user reports.
It is noteworthy that the feature of encrypted messages is available in the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” of the company “Meta” as well.


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