Merkel urges those who have not received the Covid vaccine to reconsider their position


This came at a time when the rate of infection frequency rose within a week to the highest level since the start of the pandemic COVID-19.

Intervals German Chancellor In her weekly video message, “Tough weeks await us, and you can see that I am very worried…Urgently, I ask everyone who has not yet received the vaccination to change their position,” according to Reuters.

Data showed from Robert Koch InstituteToday, Saturday, the seven-day frequency of injuries in Germany, which is the number of infected people out of every 100,000 over the past week, rose to 277.4.

It was greater than the virus infections Corona in a Germany During the third wave of the pandemic last December 197.6.

The federal and sixteen state governments will meet next week to discuss tightening procedures, although the three parties conducting consultations to form the new coalition government agreed to end the state of emergency in force since the pandemic began on November 25, as scheduled.

Intervals Merkel “It has always helped us that state and federal governments have worked together to commit to standardizing the rules” in place.

And again, it became Europe The epicenter of the disease in the world, which prompted some governments to consider re-imposing the general closure that is not widely accepted, with the approach of Christmas, which also raised the debate about whether vaccines alone are enough to tame Covid-19.


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