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studios approaching Amazon Studios From striking a deal to develop a series based on Electronic Arts and BioWare’s Mass Effect, according to Deadline, no details have been revealed, but Amazon Studios president Jennifer Salk told Deadline that she continues to invest in the fantasy genre of all kinds. On the ground genre in studios who work tirelessly with our creatives on those lists, you can look forward to more.

Shows the success of the fantasy series Wheel of Time Reasoning Amazon is heading in this direction, Salke revealed that it was one of the top 5 series ever launched for Prime Video, adding that it had seen tens of millions of streams and high boot completion rates.

Rumors spread Mass Effect Recently, with EA recently stating that it’s not a question of permission but when a TV series based on the game will be made, Witcher star Henry Cavill also hinted at the Mass Effect series in an encrypted post on

Instagram with text (not easily visible), as noted by The Verge.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released earlier this year with updated gameplay and graphics, to good reviews Overall, the series first arrived in 2007 with the original Mass Effect, a third-person shooter and role-playing game that puts Commander Shepherd and Systems Alliance vs. Reapers, an ancient machine race invading the Milky Way, two sequels (2010 and 2012) followed, along with a fourth game, Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017), BioWare and EA are currently developing an all-new fifth installment.

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