Markazia – “Costa Brava” .. a Lebanese film to “Oscar 2022”


The director of “Costa Brava”, Mounia Akl, revealed the details of the film, which Lebanon chose to represent in the competition for the Oscars for the year 2022, in the category of best foreign film.

The statement of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture indicated that the selection of the film “Costa Brava”, which won the “Green Star El Gouna” award for films concerned with the environment and participated in international festivals, including “Cinemed”, Venice and Toronto, adheres to the criteria approved by the selection committee, which are “the subject of the film, the method of its treatment and the direction of the movement.” The script, the techniques used, the management of the actors, the movement of the camera, and the rhythm of the film.”

The ministry announced that the Minister of Culture aspires that this film, with its techniques and subject matter, will reflect a distinct image of Lebanese film production, and hopes that it will receive the necessary support in terms of marketing to be accessible to a large segment of viewers locally and internationally.

The film’s Lebanese director, Monieh Akl, told Sky News Arabia that “Costa Brava” discusses the situation of the family and the environment, and the conflict between the “struggle for change” or surrender to reality.

“Costa Brava”, according to Monia Akl, 32, tells the story of “a family moving to live in the countryside after the city frustrated them and robbed them of their dignity,” until a decision was made “to establish a landfill in the neighboring land.”

Actress and director Nadine Labaki starred in the film, whose film “Capernaum” in 2019 was the second Lebanese cinematic work to qualify for the Oscars after “Case No. 23” by Ziad Doueiri in the 2018 edition.

“The film was shot in difficult conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, after the explosion of the Beirut port last year,” Akl said.

She explained: “A conflict erupts between the mother (Nadine Labaki) who wants to return to the city and re-enter its system in an effort to change it, and the father (played by the Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri), who seems to have lost hope.”

The work simulates a reality experienced by many families who were forced to evacuate their homes following the garbage crisis that reached its climax in Lebanon in 2015 and sparked an angry protest movement in the Lebanese street.

The actors

Regarding the actors, the director said: “Nadine Labaki and Saleh Bakri play the role of the parents, and actress Lilian Khoury plays the role of the grandmother. I loved the participation of twin girls in acting, as they have different characteristics. After reading the script, the scenes were distributed between the two sister children according to the scenes, and we filmed the film in difficult circumstances after the explosion.” Beirut Port, and we were in a bad psychological state at the time.

And she continued, “The film is currently participating in several festivals around the world, and the team has given all of its heart to the success of the work. We have added foreign elements to the effort. The film is currently shown in Qatar, Spain and Toronto, and the audience interacts with the film each in its own way.”


She pointed out that the name “Costa Brava” is due to the name of the famous landfill located near the airport in the capital, Beirut, which was built on the site of a previously demolished illegal tourist complex.

Akl, who studied architecture in Lebanon, but her passion for the seventh art led her to obtain a master’s degree in cinema from Columbia University, that she wanted, through this film, to address the topic of “the family and the relationship between its members and the pressures that come from abroad and awaken the stagnant demons as in Lebanon.” which is experiencing successive crises.


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