Leva loses the bet against Messi, but wins the best striker


After speculation increased, bets multiplied, and expectations increased, the pens were raised and Argentine Lionel Messi decided the award for the best player in the world, surpassing Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, who managed to win the award for the best striker.

Lewandowski starred during the past two years, bringing him to a fierce war with the Argentine miracle, in addition to winning the best scorer to echo his name in the corridors of the Chatelier Theater in the French capital, Paris, declaring himself the most prominent striker this year.

Unprecedented glow

Lewandowski continues his brilliance without interruption, starting from last season, which witnessed an unprecedented glow for the Polish player, and led his team to win the league, the domestic super, the European Champions League, the continental super and the Club World Cup.

beside that; He won the title of top scorer in the Bundesliga and the European Leagues with 41 goals, clinching the Golden Boot, in addition to the “Champions” top scorer with 12 goals, to receive a heavy blow by canceling the “Golden Ball” award due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Mercato dreams .. led by Messi and Ronaldo

It is clear that winning the “THE BEST” award last season from the International Football Association “FIFA” did not constitute a full compensation for him, as Lewandowski continued his shining journey and continued to lead his team to victories with fierceness.

Bayern Munich is at the top of the German League this season, with the Polish top scorer with 14 goals, and it is moving forward towards achieving the European Champions League title by achieving the full mark and ascending the top scorer in the championship with 9 goals.

“Liva deserves the award for the best striker created in the Balloon d’Or, as he is the highest scoring player in 2021 with 64 goals, while his closest player, Erling Haaland, comes with 44 goals.”

He added, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “Although Lewandowski did not win any championship with his weak country, but mostly the player gets individual titles such as the Golden Boot, and his numbers are still stable with Bayern Munich and is one of the main pillars in the formation of Julian Nagelsmann”.

And sports critic Nader Shabana added that Lewandowski made a historic season with Bayern Munich, and had it not been for his injury in the most important stations of the elapsed version of the Champions League, he would have led his team to win the Champions League for the second time in a row.

He continued, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “The presence of Lewandowski is a very positive thing for the team, and always makes the difference, whether with former coach Hans Flick or the current Julian Nagelsmann, everyone builds his plan on the super striker.”

And Shabana added, speaking about his numbers as a striker: “In addition to breaking Gerd Muller’s number and becoming the historical top scorer for Bavarian, Lewandowski started the Champions League in 2011, however, he is close to the numbers of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, which indicates that if he went with them, he would now become a fierce competitor for them. in their great numbers.

And he concluded: “At the level of national teams, Lewandowski does not have a strong team like Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Italy or Germany, yet he maintains his country’s tally and the competitors count for him just because Lewandowski is present, and despite his presence in a difficult group in the last -Euro-Championship, but he He succeeded in making his mark and scoring 3 goals in three matches.

Unfamiliar Journey

A super-scorer with the image of Robert Lewandowski, it is natural for his career to be unusual. After his former Polish club Legia Warsaw decided to dispense with him in 2005 due to his poor physical composition, very short and skinny at the age of seventeen, he returned years later to be nicknamed “the body” in his club, Borussia Dortmund. .

Perhaps this incident is the reason why he is one of the most famous players interested in healthy nutrition and fitness in the world, as his former coach Pep Guardiola said of him: “He is the most professional player I have ever met, thinking about the right food, sleep and training 24 hours a day, he did not hurt Because he’s focused on these things.”

Among his unfamiliar stations is the change of his compass from professionalism in the English Premier League to the German, due to a cloud of volcanic ash in Poland, where Lewandowski was on the cusp of leaving Poland’s Lech Jozenaan in 2010, to the English Blackburn Rovers.

After a fierce competition between Blackburn and Germany’s Borussia Dortmund for the eye-catching Lewandowski at the time, England coach Sam Allardyce managed to convince the player, and before his trip to sign contracts, the natural phenomenon prevented that, so that the yellow team officials seized the opportunity and settled the deal in his favour.

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