Lebanon…The arrest of a prostitution ring and “surprising” confessions about customers’ requests



Lebanon..arrest of a prostitution ring and confessions



A member of the Lebanese security

After the arrest of a Lebanese wanted man who established a prostitution network on charges of trafficking in persons and facilitating prostitution, the Lebanese security managed to arrest three girls and a man, all of Syrian nationality, within this prostitution network.

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with the aim of stealing

In the details, a force from the Search and Intervention Detachment in the Judicial Police Unit, who is wanted by the judiciary, arrested Hamed I. (Lebanese) against the background of five judicial warrants issued against him for the offense of trafficking in persons and facilitating prostitution, while two apartments were raided in Sahel Alma, which resulted in the arrest of the defendant H. A (Syrian), and the arrest of three Syrian girls working in the field of prostitution, “RM”, “SA” and “SD”.

The detainees were placed in the Office of Combating Trafficking in Persons and Protection of Public Morals, for further investigation, according to the reference of the competent judiciary.

The investigations revealed that Hamed I.A confessed to what was attributed to him in terms of facilitating the prostitution of detainees, and communicating with people in order to bring girls of Syrian nationality to work in the field of prostitution in Lebanon, while H.E confirmed that he organized appointments for the girls and secured their transportation to hotels and apartments to meet customers.

While the girls’ stories were different, some of the confessions were a bit “surprising”, for the services they provided.

For its part, “RM” admitted that it has been working within the network for about two years, after it was “sluggish” with girls who spread out on the roads at specific times and places and provide different services to customers according to demand, “and every unit works at its own expense”, and also acknowledged that ” The miserable social and living conditions under her family pushed her to flee and come to Lebanon in search of a job, but she was unsuccessful, so she found herself working in the circle of pleasure introductions.
“SA” reported that her living reality is miserable, pointing out that she was forced to choose this path after a marriage that lasted a few months, and after she became the only breadwinner for her sick mother and sister who suffers from diabetes, noting that she initially “accompanied” men and went out with them in exchange for money. , to play it later..on the hour.

While “S.D” indicated during her interrogation that “she was lured to Lebanon by an intermediary who confirmed that she had secured a job in a Beirut restaurant, only to discover later that she had fallen into the hands of the operator Hamed, who held her identification papers and forced her to engage in prostitution and “paying It is known “on a daily basis”, stating that “some clients she dates do not sometimes come to her to have sex, but to talk about their troubles and problems, to the extent that she often asks the client: Do you cry, talk or sex?”
As part of the investigations, the investigative judge in Mount Lebanon issued his presumptive decision in the case, and convicted Hamed I. and “H.A.” of the felony of Article 526 of the Penal Code, requesting a fine of 200,000 pounds for each of them and a one-year prison sentence, and referring The detainees were before the Criminal Court in Mount Lebanon to be tried for what was attributed to them, and he also decided to release the three girls with a residency bond.

Source: “Lebanon 24”


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