Lebanon national team captain Laila Koura: I was hoping to face Salah


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Mohamed Haidar, captain of the Lebanese national team participating in the Arab Cup, said that he would have liked to see Mohamed Salah, the captain of the Egyptian team, on the field, adding that he did not know the rest of the Pharaohs players.

Egypt is preparing to participate in the Arab Cup, which will start at the end of this month in Qatar, where it is in Group D, along with Lebanon, Algeria and Sudan.

Speaking to Yalla Kora, Haidar said: “Facing Egypt is very useful for us. Egypt is one of the most important African teams, so we will benefit greatly from this match.”

He added, “This confrontation will give us a lot of experience and friction. We always compete in Asia only, and this time we will face African teams.”

The captain of the Lebanese national team continued: “We are playing the World Cup qualifiers, and we consider this match as a preparation for us to complete the qualifiers. Three important matches await us on our land.”

When asked if he follows the Egyptian League and who knows the players, he said: “I do not follow the Egyptian League and I do not know its players.”

Regarding the absence of Mohamed Salah, he replied: “I would have liked Salah to participate with the Egyptian national team, as he is one of the best players in the world and a pride for us and all Arabs.”


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