Leaks reveal the upcoming PlayStation devices


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Leaks reveal the expected PlayStation devices, today, Monday, November 29, 2021 04:13 pm

Some websites have leaked images of videos showing the designs and some specifications of the next generation of PlayStation video game platforms.

According to the latest leaks, Sony intends to launch two new models of the famous gaming platforms, which will be called PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 5 Pro slim, and they will come with a completely different design from the designs of the Sony platforms currently being offered.

Leaks reveal the upcoming PlayStation devices

Leaks reveal the upcoming PlayStation devices

These platforms are supposed to be equipped with advanced AMD graphics processors equipped with 36 compute units, and advanced processors developed with 5 nanometer technologies, which means that they will be nearly 50% more efficient in processing data, photos and videos compared to the current PS5 platforms.


The leaks also indicate that the new platforms will be able to work with games and videos in 8K resolution, and deal with games that support virtual reality technologies, and the first new platform of them is supposed to be launched in 2023 at prices ranging between 599 and 699 dollars, while the other model is supposed to appear the following year.

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