Khaldoun Al Mubarak: Mubadala is an essential and vital investor in advanced technology companies around the world


Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director and CEO of Mubadala Investment Company, confirmed that the UAE continues to invest in vital sectors based on innovation, including renewable energy, advanced technology, and semiconductor technology, in addition to various other sectors, in which Mubadala plans to invest in the near future. .

He said in a session within the activities of the Fourth International Summit for Industry and Industrialization, which was launched today, entitled “Investment in Innovation”… that despite the closures that the world has witnessed due to the “Covid-19” pandemic and its significant effects on the global economy, the UAE has been able to continue its plans across all regions. Its investments, the most important of which are long-term investments that always require patience and a special ability to manage and deal, praising the ability of the Mubadala Investment Team, which is characterized by merit and ability to perform its tasks, which it succeeded in implementing and turning it into reality.

He added, “Mubadala is a major and vital investor in advanced technology companies around the world, and in accordance with our long-term strategy, we are keen to invest in all promising sectors that have strong potential for success, development and growth, including the technology sector. There is no doubt that our capabilities and plans look forward to the future, and deal with it in a fruitful manner.”

Khaldoun Al Mubarak pointed out that the UAE has been able to be the link between East and West, and it also enjoys strong economic relations with China, Japan, Korea and India. India and China are among the most important trading partners of the UAE in the world, and the UAE is able to manage its relations with all countries of the world, in a way that reflects positively on all partners in Asia and the world, and also enjoys close relations with allies and partners, including the United States of America, and the rest of the countries the scientist.

He said that the coming years are based on the distinguished and strong competitive position that the UAE enjoys today, pointing out that the UAE has all the ingredients that enable it to achieve leadership at the international level in industry and innovation, and launch initiatives that stimulate innovation in all fields.

During the session, he reviewed the remarkable success experiences in the UAE, such as Mubadala, Masdar, and other experiences that yielded great results at all levels.


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