It promoted the practice of vice and encouraged abortion.. What is the story of “Amani” that angered the Saudis?



It promoted the practice of vice and encouraged abortion.. What is the story

The “Arrest of atheist Amani” hashtag topped the list of the most circulated on “Twitter” in Saudi Arabia during the past hours, as tweeters demanded her arrest for promoting the practice of vice and encouraging her to have an abortion.

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The second in two days in Saudi Arabia .. the arrest of a person on charges

The young woman, “Amani”, from Riyadh, born in 1993, sparked controversy on the social networking site, where a video spread of her from a chat room on “Twitter” with some young women talking about the topic of “women’s sexual freedom.”

According to the video, Amani said that women have the right to “have sex at the time they see fit and with whomever they see fit, without the use of prevention methods.”

She added: “A woman also has the right to abort her fetus at the time she sees fit, whether she is married or not, whether the pregnancy affects her life or not, the decision is up to her, and no one has the right to decide whether she has the right to have an abortion or not. “.

Amani’s speech aroused the discontent of the pioneers of social networking sites, who translated their dissatisfaction with tweets, calling for her arrest by the relevant authorities.

Tweeters considered that Amani seeks to spread false ideas about women’s sexual freedom among girls, without supervision or accountability, in a way that offends the values ​​of Saudi society.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi authorities had announced, hours ago, the arrest of a citizen who “offended God” in a chat room on Twitter.

Source: RT


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