Iraq.. The reality of “Al-Kazemi’s threat video” and the image of the booby-trapped drone


Hours after the Iraqi authorities announced that the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, had been subjected to an assassination attempt by a “booby-trapped drone”, pages and accounts on social media, especially in Iraq, circulated a group of misleading photos and videos.

A video clip was spread that was said to show an armed faction threatening Al-Kazemi, suggesting that this clip is recent. However, it was actually posted on the Internet about a year ago, according to the AFP news-factoring service.

In the video, a group of masked gunmen in military uniform appears. One of them threatens the prime minister, “God’s punishment is in the hands of the Mujahideen.”

But the video that shows the militants threatening Al-Kazemi is old.

It is sufficient to search on YouTube using keywords to find the same video published in December 2020 on several channels.

A picture from the video recently spread in Iraq

A picture from the video recently spread in Iraq

As for a search using the same words on Google, it is immediately directed to a report prepared by the platform about the same video.Technology for PeaceThe Iraqi newspaper, which specializes in responding to false news spread on Arabic-language communication sites.

Drone picture?

In the same context, photos spread on social media that their publishers claimed were of the drone that was used in the operation. However, the claim is incorrect, as these photos were published by the Security Media Cell in Baghdad last year.

The caption accompanying the newly circulated pictures read: “Photos of the drones that were found above Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s house in the Green Zone.”

The post received dozens of shares on Facebook.

The post got dozens of posts

The post got dozens of posts

However, the circulating pictures have nothing to do with the attempted assassination of Al-Kazemi. The search through search engines revealed that the same photos were published by the Iraq Security Media Cell page on Facebook on July 2020.

The cell stated that on July 23, 2020, the Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior found a drone carrying a projectile weighing two kilograms over a building in the Jadriya area in Baghdad.

Al-Kazemi was subjected to a failed assassination attempt by a “booby-trapped drone” that targeted his residence in Baghdad at dawn on Sunday.

This comes at a time when the country is experiencing severe political tensions over the results of the early parliamentary elections held on the tenth of last October.


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