Iran: Reaching an immediate nuclear agreement is possible… condition for lifting sanctions


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that he discussed with the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, in a phone call on Friday, “a good and immediate nuclear agreement that is available if the other parties return to their full commitments and lift sanctions” against Iran.

Abdullahian added, according to a statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, that his country is preparing for the Vienna negotiations on the nuclear agreement expected on Monday, “in good faith and seriousness, despite the denial of the covenant by the United States and European countries (France, Germany and Britain).”

Abdullahian added, “We want a good agreement that we can verify its implementation and a return to the nuclear agreement means adherence to all its terms and content,” calling for “serious and sufficient guarantees” to Iran that the United States will not exit again from the agreement, while stressing that Tehran “does not trust Washington because Her words and actions are contradictory.

Abizaid and the Iranian minister, “It is clear that there was no final result during the six rounds of the Vienna negotiations, so the Iranian delegation will focus on all the issues that need to be resolved.”

For his part, European official Borrell said that “the Vienna talks will focus on intensive and detailed research, especially on outstanding issues and lifting sanctions,” according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Borrell added that “the possibility of everyone returning to the original version of the nuclear agreement is possible,” during the negotiations, adding that “the only way to lift the sanctions is to revive the nuclear agreement, where Iran’s rights are realized, and the international community is also reassured of the peacefulness of the Iranian nuclear program.”

Borrell expressed his hope that “all parties will return with constructive, pragmatic and discreet management approaches to negotiating outstanding issues and lifting sanctions.”

For his part, the chief Iranian negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, said in an interview with the British newspaper “The Independent” on Friday, that “the negotiations will fail if the United States does not agree to a set of conditions,” adding that “the main goal of the negotiations is for the administration of US President Joe Biden to join the An agreement that the administration of former US President Donald Trump withdrew from.

Bagheri-Kani added, “Any progress in the negotiations is contingent on the abolition of all sanctions, and on providing guarantees that future US administrations will not depart from the agreement, as Trump did unilaterally.”

The Iranian official accused the Biden administration of continuing the “failed policy of maximum pressure” against Iran, calling on the administration to “repeal all sanctions to get out of this political confusion.” The chief Iranian negotiator also called on Britain to release the frozen Iranian assets, as well as European countries to “redress their non-compliance with their commitments to the nuclear agreement by taking practical steps.”

And about Western reports about the United States’ intention to reach a temporary agreement in Vienna to lift part of the sanctions in exchange for Iranian nuclear commitments, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh confirmed in an interview with Iranian television, Iran’s rejection of these plans, and said, “Our positions are clear before and they are logical.” and firm, and all sanctions must be lifted at once.”

In the context, the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” reported on Friday morning that Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid intends on Sunday to start a European tour during which he will visit Britain and France to urge their leaders, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, to toughen their countries’ positions in negotiations with Iran. Lapid will also review Israel’s concerns about possible developments in the negotiations and their progress.


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