Influenza outbreaks in Baalbek and calls to close schools


Issa Yahya

The chapters of crises are accelerating for the Lebanese, and the files that accompany their daily lives are crowded with them, and with it they are unable to manage their affairs, they struggle with live meat for survival and all the necessities of life, such as medicines, heating and food, have become out of reach for the able only until they are living from lack of death.

Winter has actually entered in Baalbek-Hermel, and frost has begun to gnaw at the bodies of citizens who are unable to buy diesel to warm their families and children, waiting for Iranian diesel, which was supposed to start the distribution mechanism two weeks ago, taking into account people’s conditions, conditions and purchasing power, especially since the municipality stations were In its latest statement, it set the price of a diesel cylinder at 10% less than the official price. While waiting for things to crystallize, people are wondering about the fate of Iranian diesel and whether the effects of bringing it to Lebanon have ended, and what happened during the past months was a media scoop and a challenge to the sanctions and the state together, or are things going according to the mechanism that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah referred to in earlier times and is expected to be translated on the ground over the coming days.

With the start of the cold season and the absence of heating, a severe influenza phenomenon has spread in Baalbek-Hermel for the past two weeks, affecting both children and adults, and its symptoms and effects are similar to the “Corona” virus, as it begins with heat, coughing and chest pains, which necessitated the transfer of many infected people to hospitals whose departments were overwhelmed with high numbers. Some schools closed their doors after infection and absenteeism among students increased, while other schools were arrogant and completed their school days normally in light of the absence of the supervisory role of the Ministry of Education, which did not bear an appeal to parents and associations urging them to take the appropriate decision to protect children and parents together.

The phenomenon sparked panic among citizens as a result of its coincidence with the high rate of infections with the “Corona” virus in the region and the high death rate, as last week it recorded more than 365 injuries and 3 deaths, which rose early this week.

A medical source explained to “Nidaa Al-Watan” that “the similar symptoms between influenza and the Corona virus made people worry, especially that the spread of the two waves in the Bekaa will have negative health repercussions, shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing and high temperature is one of the most prominent symptoms that necessitated the introduction of many Children are taken to hospitals, and infections are increasing on a daily basis as a result of mixing in schools and gatherings.” He called on the Ministry of Health and Education to take quick measures to prevent the spread of this phenomenon, explaining that citizens go to pharmacies to obtain the necessary treatment without referring to the doctor as well, and the rate of injuries is more than 70. A daily infection, concluding that the flu is a normal seasonal flu that affects people at such times, but it requires a quick treatment.

On the other hand, Dr. s. She is a mother of two children until the beginning of her children’s illness was through sore throat and inability to move, after which the heat began to appear and despite being given temperature reducers, it did not go below 38 degrees, and during the first three days, coughing began strongly and chest pains, adding that the most important problem is in Medicines whose prices have risen hysterically, as the price of the treatment bill for her children has reached one million Lebanese pounds, and how who has five children and the virus is spreading in the Bekaa strongly, and she saw with her own eyes in a pharmacy a mother who declined to buy medicine to treat her children because of its high price, and explained that it is an addition Due to the cost of medication and the absence of her children from school for a week, she was forced to take a leave from work to follow up on their health status, and consequently, she was deducted from her pension, which she needs to double to spend the month.


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