In the video .. Hani Shaker to “Madam”: I will not run for a third term as captain of musicians, and “Zalaan” from Al-Osaili


Following the decision to ban the artist Mohamed Ramadan Finally, from singing through the Musicians Syndicate due to his non-compliance with the conditions set by the Syndicate for him, the “Madam” camera met withHani Shaker After his symposium at the Cinema Palace, Hani Shaker expressed his anger and sadness at the artist Mahmoud El-Aseeli. The captain of the musicians, artist Hani Shaker, said in response to his attack on him and in commenting on the ban decisions against festivals disruptors: “I am upset with El-Osaily and I am not one who calls for ignorance.” I ask Al-Osaili to see the videos of festivals to judge the “ignorance” and Shaker added: “I ask the artist Mahmoud Al-Osaili to see the videos of festivals singers, because it is like a return to the pre-Islamic era, as I was surprised by his comment.”

Shaker: Al-Osaili follows the principle of “be known.”

Shaker continued: “There are people who like to be on the principle of (disagreeing with you know), and it would have been better for him to address one of the members we meet to understand the reason for this ban, or organizing papers or correcting situations, but to attack to say (jahiliyah), this is a very big word and I am upset with it. very”.

Artist Hani Shaker during the press conference at the Cinema Palace – Photo from Hani Shaker’s Instagram account

Hani Shaker: I will not run for a third round

Then he helped us and asked Hani Shaker: Will you run for a third term as captain of musicians? He replied: “At that time, I will be crazy if I run or (joke)… No, I will not run for a third round.”

I don’t like rap and I don’t understand it

On the art of rap and his opinion of Shaker’s response: “It is not a question of any new art that we prevent. I do not like rap and I do not understand what they say in the first place, but I say that this section has many young people who love it and we are not against any artistic (mixes) and not us. Or the syndicate against any different types of new music. On the contrary, these boys came to the test, we gave them a permit and there was an obligation before the syndicate, after the declarations signed by these young people, not to say anything outside, but to speak on important topics that benefit the youth, and therefore this is the benefit.”

My son and his wife love and weas

Regarding the criticism leveled against him because of his son’s attendance at the Wiggs concert, Shaker said: “Frankly, I confirm that I do not understand what this art says, but I said that my son and his wife went to attend Wiggs’ concert.. I do not like him because I do not understand his words, but that does not mean that forbid him; I see that the attack is unjustified and that the union did not prevent anyone, as the union’s role is to organize union work.”

Festival singers stopped because they are not members of the guild

As for the names banned from singing, Hani Shaker reiterated: “The names in this disclosure have nothing to do with the union, and therefore the union’s role was to inform the concerned authorities, as well as the places where parties and weddings are held, that these are not members of the union, but we did not prevent them and some of them wanted to come forward. To the union, let him come for the test, and you are welcome to do it.” Shaker explained: “The Syndicate did not prevent anyone, and it is not in its history that it prevented anyone from singing, as throughout its life it was not a means of prevention, but people misunderstood my statements.”

Mohamed Ramadan – Photo from his official Facebook page

Behind the scenes of preventing Muhammad Ramadan from singing

On the prevention of Muhammad Ramadan, Sharek said: “The recommendations of the legal and administrative affairs of the union regarding Muhammad Ramadan were that his ban was due to his failure to comply with the acknowledgment he signed with the union in the last period and to adhere to public morals and community traditions and to present fine art without any nudity on the stage, but he did not adhere to, and therefore out of concern From us, we issued a decision to stop any statement from him until he is investigated in his union, the Actors Syndicate (his original union) and they send us the results of the investigation.”

There is no cooperation with Omar Kamal at the moment

And about not stopping Omar Kamal, like other festival singers, and about a duet with him, the Musicians Syndicate said: “I don’t think of doing a duet with Omar Kamal, as I sang to him the song (Abuya) and it was one of the most beautiful songs she sang, and I also had no idea for an upcoming collaboration, I think it is difficult at the moment.”

The work of his people for festivals is rejected

Finally, we asked him: Is there a division for festivals? Shaker said: “The work of his people for festivals is completely rejected in the Syndicate, because we already have a division that is the popular singing division, and there is no festival category.. Frankly, this term is very strange.” To see the most beautiful pictures of celebrities visit «instagram madamYou can follow the latest news of the stars via Twitter.Madam Fan»


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