His brother passed away and stood on the stage to make the audience laugh and consider “Fatafaet al-Sukkar” a bad luck in his artistic career … Positions from the life of the “sad comedian” Abdel Moneim Ibrahim | news


A distinctive voice and laughter, a smooth performance, a good face. The artist Abdel Moneim Ibrahim is one of the stars of the beautiful time. He participated in unforgettable works.

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Abdel Moneim Ibrahim’s death. He left our world on November 17, 1987. “Ibrahim” remained until the last time to entertain his fans and present fine art, whether comedy or drama.

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Abdel Moneim Ibrahim was nicknamed “The Sad Comedian”, because in the harshest moments of his life he used to laugh his audience and hide his pain.


Abdel Moneim Ibrahim suffered a lot, first with his wife who left leaving his youngest son at the age of one year. She fell ill before her death and took her to the doctor who told him that she had only 6 months left in life. Abdel Moneim Ibrahim lived difficult days, he hid the matter from her, he did not sleep He wanted to look at the sky and shout, “Why, Lord,” and then remember that God put him to a difficult test and that he would be able to overcome it.


Despite the sadness and pain, he stood on the stage and the audience laughed, when he saw him, not knowing that he had all this sadness and worry, he hid everything inside him.

This was not the only difficult situation in his life. His brother died two years after the death of his wife, and his death affected him greatly. He was very close to him. On the same day of his death, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim stood on the stage and the audience laughed, again setting an example of the meaning of commitment.

sugar crumbles

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim was famous for providing second roles, but he always managed to attract attention in any work he participates in, when you remember the movie “Rumor of Love” you will remember “Mahros” the character he presented and other works.

The movie “Sukar Hanim” is one of Abdel Moneim Ibrahim’s most famous films, and it is often shown on television, but this movie was for him a “jinx”.


At first he was going to star in the movie Ismail Yassin, but the censors issued a decision to prevent Ismail Yassin from portraying a female character because he had previously embodied her in the movie “Miss Hanafi.” So, “Yess” nominated his friend “Ibrahim” to embody the role, but the film did not succeed at the time in the cinemas, so it was considered The character “we feel” on him.

the last day

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim suffered in his last days from a weak heart muscle, he entered the hospital twice, specifically in the intensive care room, and the second time the patient who was staying with him in the same room died, so he called his daughter and insisted on leaving the hospital, and his request was implemented after he went out on his personal responsibility .

He returned to his home and his daughter tried to provide him with care and calm, but he was loved by everyone and the people of his town were keen to visit him, and after a month his health improved so that he returned to work and was participating in the rehearsals of the play “5 Stars”.

One day, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim was going to the theater, and his daughter was surprised by a call, in which they told her that her father was tired. She went to him and his grandmother asked her about her brother and he advised her to take care of him, and his illness increased and his daughter took him to the doctor who told her to take him to the hospital, and as soon as she arrived He was taken to the hospital and passed away.

And Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan Al-Dogbashi, born on December 24, 1924, in the governorate of Beni Suef, in Bidiyah, he was going to be known as Abdel Moneim Al-Dogbashi, after which he found that pronouncing the name would be difficult, so he decided to choose the name Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim was a student of the artist Zaki Tulaimat, who included him in the Modern Theater Troupe, and participated in many plays. He starred in the movie “The Secret of the Mask of Concealment” and was famous for providing supporting roles, with his artistic balance of more than 300 works.

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