“Hezbollah”: Saudi Arabia started an aggression against Lebanon, and it should apologize



The Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, Naim Qassem, said that “Saudi Arabia has started an aggression against Lebanon, and it should apologize for its unjustified aggression.”

Qassem said that “Saudi Arabia is upset because it was unable to dominate the political decision in Lebanon despite the money it paid to its followers in the country. Also, one of the reasons for the current crisis lies in the fact that Saudi Arabia can no longer bear its losses in the region, so its aggression against Lebanon came as a reaction.”

Qassem stressed that “Lebanon is not a stick-breaker and deals with Saudi Arabia in equality and as an independent country, and we do not accept Saudi Arabia’s interference in the government,” noting that “the timing of the Saudi aggression against Lebanon has to do with Marib, and Saudi Arabia’s resounding loss in Yemen, where it wants to divert attention from the battles there from while imposing pressure on Lebanon.

Qassem pointed out that “the Lebanese forces carried out the Tayouneh ambush on behalf of America and Saudi Arabia, with the aim of besieging Hezbollah by trying to ignite sedition, as Saudi Arabia can no longer tolerate what is happening in Lebanon,” adding: “The Lebanese forces benefit from war and strife, but” Hezbollah God “does not see this as an interest for Lebanon.”

He said that “America tried by various means to turn the Lebanese interior against “Hezbollah” and it did not succeed,” stressing that “the continuation of pressure and confrontation in Syria and Lebanon by an American decision and some Gulf Arabs to comfort Israel and stabilize the occupation.”

Source: An-Nahar newspaper.


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