He refused to vaccinate because he was vegetarian.. the Corona virus killed him


And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, Glen Steele, 54, underwent an examination Corona On 27 October, the result was positive, and then his health began to deteriorate, which made his wife transfer him to the Royal Hospital of Worcestershire.

Job mode Steel V Intensive carewhere he remained until his recent death, just two months before his fifty-fifth birthday.

was Steel A vegetarian and rejects the idea Vaccination, because testing vaccines on animals, which contradicts the convictions he defends.

However, before his death, Steele said Lozo: “I’ve never felt so sick like now. I wish I had received the vaccine“.

Glenn was planning to retire, and then spend more time traveling and caring for animals.

His wife Emma, ​​who took both doses of لقاح Corona: “Now I’m facing the future on my own. I’m calling on everyone to get vaccinated. I’m insisting that everyone I know gets vaccinated.”


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