Global Health: This is how Omicron, Delta and the entire Corona family are repelled


While the world is still immersing itself in the mysteries of the new strain that has recently emerged from the Corona virus, with the accumulation of questions about the most effective way to combat “Omicron”, she confirmed World Health Organization Some simple steps protect against this new variable, as well as from the mutations before it, whether beta, delta, or the entire Corona family.

And she explained, in tweets on her official account on Twitter, that the most effective steps to combat Omicron lie in continuing to receive vaccines, and wearing masks appropriately.

Ventilation and crowds!

She also confirmed that the rest of the procedures followed to avoid Corona injuries with all its modifiers also apply to the “new guest”, which is avoiding crowds and crowded places, maintaining distance, in addition to opening windows, ventilating rooms, offices, etc., and finally washing hands.

As for sneezing or coughing, it is always advised, as the organization has repeatedly emphasized, to cover the mouth.

very different mutated

It is noteworthy that the United Nations organization confirmed yesterday, Monday, that “a mutant omicron is significantly different, and contains a high number of copies, some of which are worrisome and may be linked to the possibility of escaping from the immune system and increasing transmission of infection.”

However, she also indicated that the only reassuring element so far is the lack of reporting of deaths associated with this mutation.

Labs are not worried

Simultaneously, the scientific race was launched in order to ensure the effectiveness of existing vaccines, in combating this new strain of the virus, and developing them if necessary.

In this context, AstraZeneca, Pfizer/Piontech, Moderna and Novavax on Monday expressed confidence in their ability to combat this mutation.

While Russia indicated that it is developing a version of Sputnik against Corona that specifically targets the mutated Omicron, “in case” the current vaccine is not enough.

It is noteworthy that the first cases of this strain were recorded in South Africa, before it moved to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, and the rosary repeated, which prompted many European and Arab countries, as well as the United States, to suspend flights with dozens of countries on the African continent.


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