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Riyadh, 15 Rabi’ al-Akhir 1443 AH, corresponding to 20 November 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
The Kingdom: We reject all forms of financing and supporting terrorist acts
A Saudi donation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Record decrease in Corona injuries
The imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque: Free yourselves from lies and misrepresentations
The imam and preacher of the Prophet’s Mosque: The Prophet’s approach purifies society from grudges and grudges
“Destiny 1” .. maneuvers between Saudi and Emirati ground forces
The Gulf Shooting Exercise 2021 concludes in Kuwait
Shura leaders call for combating “scientific corruption” in research, letters and promotions
2.1 million beneficiaries of the Najiz app
The increase in “European Corona” reduces oil prices
Iranians rise up in Isfahan
Britain to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Riyadh” said in its editorial entitled (Letters from Yemen): The qualitative operations carried out by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen at dawn on Thursday against legitimate targets of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, carried out Strong and deep messages that resonate beyond the field of operations itself, to echo regionally and internationally, and remove any blurring of vision that may have affected some parties in the region about the Yemeni situation, and perhaps the most important of these messages is that the window of peace that the coalition led by the Kingdom is enacting in the interest of the Yemenis and for the right to their blood, does not mean complacency. In the face of the coup project of the Houthi militia sponsored by Iran, and that the policy of firmness continues until the situation in Yemen leads to one of two things, either the military defeat of the militia project, or the Houthis’ involvement in a comprehensive political process, under the roof of the three references to bring peace to Yemen.
She continued: The second of these messages was the targeting of a secret facility that includes experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, which refutes the attempts of the Iranian regime and its party based in Lebanon to deny their interference in Yemen and support hostile activities against the Kingdom and against international navigation. Moreover, this specific targeting sends, in its timing, a strong message to the political class in Lebanon, about the Kingdom’s firmness towards its interests and security, diplomatically, politically and militarily, and that the stage no longer accepts gray positions, or elegant diplomatic expressions that are belied by the facts on the ground.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper indicated in its editorial titled (Gold and Inflation: A Sensitive Stage): Governments in almost the entire world face the dangers of continuing high consumer prices, especially in countries where central banks enjoy complete independence from political administrations. Although it is possible to control inflation through well-known traditional measures, it is not of course at this time to control wages, given that this will lead to job losses. What is always available in this field, it remains to raise interest rates and reduce bond prices, but even this tool faces difficulties in the quality orientations of the central banks that we have referred to, which are trying to implement a balanced economic policy without causing damage in this field or that, and in such circumstances investors turn To gold, as a safe area from the waves or effects of inflation, especially if this inflation is going through a sensitive stage.
She explained: The sensitive stage is linked to the current recovery on the global scene from the repercussions of the economic crisis brought about by the Corona pandemic. In a country such as the United States, the rise in consumer prices reached its highest level recently, and on the European arena there is increasing pressure in this area. Two days ago, Britain announced inflation that reached 4.2 percent last month, more than double the government’s target level.
At a time when lawmakers are seeking to inject potentials into the market in order to complete the return of the wheel of local economies to what they were before Corona, the issue of inflation comes to confuse the path of recovery, as what is currently required is to achieve stable growth in the next few months, and governments have not yet been able to devote a policy Strong recovery. And because it is in this way, gold achieved a remarkable rise in global markets, and this is normal in light of the lack of stability in general growth, and central banks are now considering taking the possible and traditional step, which is to raise interest rates, at a time when governments do not want to The rate hike will slow down the mentioned economic recovery.
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