Five warning signs of a stroke


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Five warning signs of a stroke


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German doctors revealed five initial signs, which may appear a few weeks ago, that warn of the risk of stroke.

Focus notes that these signs, which appear a few weeks ago, can disappear before a stroke occurs.
Heart Foundation experts have identified five early signs of a stroke:

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Detection of a sign indicating the risk of cerebral hemorrhage

1- Hemiplegia – one hand and one leg.

2 – drooping corners of the mouth or difficulty smiling.

3 – Speech disturbance – the person’s speech becomes slurred or unclear.

4- Sudden severe headache.

5- Weakness of vision and even loss of it.

Experts stress that when any of these signs appear, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Also, people who are in the risk group should measure their blood pressure periodically and not neglect the heart rate disorder.

Source: RIA Novosti


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