Find out who qualified for the European qualifying play-off for the 2022 World Cup


Today, Tuesday, November 16, the European qualifiers for the finals ended World Cup 2022 After 10 teams have qualified for the World Cup, there are 3 cards left for 12 teams to compete in the European Supplement.

10 teams snatched the direct qualification to the 2022 World Cup, and they are (Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, England, Switzerland, and the Netherlands).

12 teams will compete for 3 cards in the European play-off for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and the teams will be divided into 3 groups comprising 4 teams competing for the card to qualify for the semi-finals and finals.

The European play-off draw will be held on November 26, 2021, with matches to be held in March 2022.

Qualifiers for the European qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup:

1- Portugal (Group A runner-up)
2- Sweden (Group B runner-up)
3- Italy (Group C runner-up)
4- Ukraine (Group D runner-up)
5- Wales (Group E runner-up)
6- Scotland (Group F runner-up)
7- Turkey (Group G runner-up)
8- Russia (Group H runner-up)
9- Poland (Group 9 runner-up)
10- North Macedonia (Group 10 runner-up)
11- Austria (1st place in the European Nations League)
12- Czech Republic (second place in the European Nations League)

The German team was the first to qualify for the World Cup after securing its lead in the tenth group of the World Cup qualifiers, before the end with two rounds, followed by the Danish team, which topped Group F.

Last Saturday, France and Belgium qualified for the World Cup, in addition to Croatia, Serbia and Spain after the end of last Sunday’s matches, and England and Switzerland joined them after the end of Monday’s European qualifiers, which witnessed the rise of Italy and Poland to the European play-off.

The Dutch Mills snatched the direct qualification for Group G, while the Turkish team joined the ranks of the European qualifiers.

Brazil also qualified for the 2022 World Cup, after beating Colombia, to be the first South American team to qualify for the World Cup.

The World Cup is scheduled to start on November 21 next year, and the competitions will end on December 18, as it will be the first time that the tournament will be held in the winter instead of in the summer, as was the case in previous versions.


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