Features that help you improve your daily experience with WhatsApp


WhatsApp is characterized by its wide popularity all over the world and a large user base, and WhatsApp is constantly striving to add more features that make the experience of using the application more easy and distinctive.
Many users may not know many of the features involved in the WhatsApp application, so the Indian Express newspaper mentioned some of these features as follows: Use WhatsApp on multiple devices without your primary phone
WhatsApp is running a multi-device beta program, which appears in the Settings > Associated section. With this program, WhatsApp users will be able to use the associated companion devices without keeping their phones connected. One can associate up to four devices with their account, which includes browsers and other devices. It is worth noting that you will be able to use WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal even when the main phone does not have an active internet connection. However, if the main device remains offline for more than 14 days, the linked devices will be automatically logged out.

Create custom stickers in the app
WhatsApp now allows you to create your own custom stickers using the newly added sticker maker tool. The feature is easily accessible and one will find it in the stickers section of the platform. One just needs to open any WhatsApp chat, click on the paperclip icon, and then click again on the ‘sticker’. You can then upload an image to create your custom poster. WhatsApp allows you to add an outline, crop the image in a sticker, and add emojis, stickers or text to it. This feature is currently available for the web version of WhatsApp and the company plans to add the feature to the desktop version in the coming weeks.

Download all WhatsApp images directly to PC
If you have received a set of photos on WhatsApp and you want to store them directly on your computer without going through any additional process, you can do so using WhatsApp Web. Just open the WhatsApp Web link on your PC or laptop and go to any conversation. Click on the sender’s name or group name and the platform will then show you the “Media” section. Next, move your cursor over an image, click the tick mark and then select all the images, after which you can download them.

One time offer feature
WhatsApp has a one-time view feature for media, which basically hides the photos once the recipient opens them and leaves the chat. This feature was launched in August of this year and WhatsApp confirmed that any photo or video you send using the “View once” feature will not be saved to the recipient’s photos or gallery.

However, you will have to select media view once each time you want to send a photo or video. It should be noted that once you send a photo or video with the “View once” feature, WhatsApp will not be able to display it again. Additionally, the platform will not allow you to forward, receive, save, star, or share photos or videos that have been sent, received, starred, or shared using the “View Once” media viewing feature.

Manage notifications
There are times when you don’t want to see your WhatsApp message notifications. You can do this by going to Settings > Notifications > Stop using high priority notifications. Once you disable this, your smartphone will no longer display WhatsApp notifications at the top of the notification list. You can also visit your phone’s settings section and turn off notifications for WhatsApp. After that, your device will never show WhatsApp notifications and you will have to open the app to check messages.

Configure automatic download
By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads images over your cellular connection. If you are in a group sending a lot of unnecessary photos and videos, you can turn off the auto download option to save storage space on your smartphone, which is better than cleaning up storage on a daily basis. To configure the automatic download of images, video or audio, you can simply go to WhatsApp > click on the three-dot button > Settings > Storage and data > Automatic media download. Here, you can choose when WhatsApp should download the media automatically.


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