Did you know the real name of Rabeh Saqr and how did he choose his artistic name?


The Saudi artist celebratedRabeh SaqrOn Saturday, his 60th birthday, he topped the Google search index. Rabeh Saqr presented many songs that made a mark in the history of art in general. But what is the real name of the artist Rabeh Saqr?
His real name is Issa Saleh Al-Saqr, he was called Rabeh during his participation in a special party for the Saudi Club Fateh, in celebration of the club’s first level in the league for the first time in the eighties. The fans started chanting “Rabeh” heralding the upcoming profit, so the name became associated with him and everyone called him Rabah until his artistic name became Rabah Saqr.
The artist Rabeh Saqr has more than 5 albums containing distinguished songs.


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