Did the referee condone a penalty kick due to Villarreal in the Barcelona match? (Video)


Did the referee condone a penalty kick due to Villarreal in the Barcelona match? (Video)

Referee Cesar Soto Grado, who refereed the match Villarreal and its guest Barcelona, ​​yesterday, Saturday, in the 14th stage of the Spanish Football League, sparked widespread controversy for not calculating a penalty kick for the hosts.

Six minutes after the start of the match, one of the Villarreal strikers penetrated into the Barcelona penalty area, before firing a powerful ball towards the goal, so that veteran defender Gerard Pique slipped to tackle the ball, but it was hit in his hand inside the penalty area, and the referee did not intervene to calculate a penalty kick, or use a technique The auxiliary video “Var”, asked to continue playing.

This shot sparked widespread controversy on social media and in the Spanish media, as the newspaper “Marca” quoted refereeing expert Perez Borol as saying: “A clear penalty kick against Gerard Pique. The defender intercepted the ball (with his hand) that was on its way to Goal. I do not understand the VAR who did not review what happened.”

In turn, former referee Ituraldi Gonzalez, who currently works as an arbitration expert on Radio Carrusel Deportivo, confirmed that Villarreal deserved to receive a penalty after Pique touched the ball with his hand, adding: “A penalty deserved because Pique touched the ball with his right hand and not with the left that he was relying on.” on her”.

Gonzalez also said that Villarreal’s playmaker, Dani Parejo, should have been sent off after his violent interference with Barcelona captain Sergi Busquets.

Barcelona won a difficult victory over Villarreal in the last breaths of their confrontation, 3-1.

With this victory, “Barcelona” raised its score to 23 points, in seventh place temporarily, while Villarreal’s balance froze at 16 points in 12th place.

Source: Spanish newspapers


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