Did Samsung give up one of its most famous phones?!


Did Samsung give up one of its most famous phones?!


vladimer astapkovich

Some websites have reported that Samsung may stop producing the Galaxy Note, which is considered among the most technically integrated phones in the world.

And according to ET News, “Samsung may stop producing Galaxy Note phones, and despite the statements of officials in the company that did not confirm this matter, the company did not put these phones in its production plan for the next year, and it will withdraw Note phones that will not be sold.” in stores around the world.

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Many analyzes indicate that Samsung may abandon the mentioned phones as it may compete with the foldable Galaxy Z phones, which the company seeks to be one of its most important basic products in the electronics market, in addition to the expected Galaxy S22 Ultra may become a technical alternative to the Galaxy Note devices.

It should be noted that Samsung introduced the last generation of Note phones last summer, and to date has sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note 20 phones.

Source: RIA Novosti


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