Details of the arrest of Samira Ahmed with Hassan Youssef and how it caused Adel Imam to return to the drama


Today, Monday, the great artist Samira Ahmed celebrates her birthday, corresponding to November 15, after she achieved great success among the stars of her generation. .

The great artist Samira Ahmed recounted a comic situation that happened to her, accompanied by the artist, Hassan Youssef, during one of her honoring symposiums, saying: “Once I was walking late at night from filming, and at that time I had a small Arab with me like this and I was coming down wearing a handkerchief “Bawia” and dumped flour and shit, And it is impossible for Alia to say that this is an actress at all, and I had Hassan Youssef with me at the time.

Samira Ahmed continued: “A police ambush stood me in front of the Al-Haram police station because we were in Egypt’s studio at the time, and he said the license and I told him that I forgot it at home, so he said to me, come with me to the department, and I told him, sorry.

She added, “I told him, I am Samira Ahmed, and he said, “I cannot enter the department with me.”

In one of the other symposiums honoring Samira Ahmed, she told her uncle that she was the reason for the leader Adel Imam’s return to the field of drama through the series “The Nagy Atallah Band”, which convinced him to return to the television screen and indeed he agreed directly.

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