Data: Monday’s online sales in America exceeded $7 billion


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Data: Monday's online sales in America exceeded $7 billion


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The Adobe Digital Economy Index showed that American consumers spent $7.1 billion in online shopping, on Monday, as of nine o’clock in the evening United States.

Adobe expects the final reading to indicate shopper spending between $10.4 billion and $11.1 billion, and expects customers to spend $2.5 billion between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. local time.

“Internet Monday” is an e-commerce day, and it comes on the first Monday immediately after Thanksgiving, and it is the second largest shopping day in America, and achieves the largest amount of electronic sales, just as traditional stores do on Black Friday, online retailers usually offer offers Promotional offers, discounts and special sales on this day, and it may even be better to offer exclusive deals on websites only.

Source: Reuters


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