Daoud Abdel-Sayed attacks censorship: destroys the film industry under the pretext of protecting morals


Director Daoud Abdel-Sayed launched a sharp attack on the censorship body on artistic works in Egypt, stressing that censorship killed creativity and spoiled artistic life under the pretext of preserving morals, and he cited the title of his famous movie “Kit Kat,” stressing that the censorship rejected the original name of the film, which is “Naked in the middle of crowding.” Although it is the most expressive of the content of the work and is devoid of any immoral suggestion.

Poster for the Kit Kat film seminar – photo from the Cairo Film Festival media center

Daoud Abdel-Sayed added during a panel discussion entitled “30 years since the release of the Kit Kat movie”, which was held this evening on the sidelines of the 43rd session of the Cairo International Film Festival: The Kit Kat movie, which was shown 30 years ago, was called “Naked in the middle of the crowd”, But the censors rejected this name and forced us to change the name, despite my complete conviction of the name I gave for the scenario.

Abdel-Sayed pointed out that all the characters in the Kit Kat movie were tragic, although everyone thought that they were comedies. These characters have a lot of worries and problems that make them escape with laughter and clowning.

Daoud Abdel-Sayed continued: What distinguishes the film’s characters is that each of them feels powerless about something, not just Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who is blind.

Daoud Abdel Sayed added, I chose Mahmoud Abdel Aziz when he was filming the Raafat El Hagan series and his loss of some of his handsomeness served the character and sat with many blind people to learn from her.

And Daoud continued, one of the most difficult stages of the film was the production step, because I met the despicableness of some of the producers who used to say that this is an expensive and depressing movie.

The symposium was attended by director Daoud Abdel Sayed, decorator Onsi Abu Seif, musician Rajeh Daoud, artist Ahmed Kamal, director of photography Mohsen Ahmed, and it was moderated by art critic Mahmoud Abdel Shakour, and the film stars Sherif Mounir and Aida Riad were absent despite the invitation to them.

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