Currency rates today in Morocco Monday 22 November 2021


The foreign exchange rates against the Moroccan dirham stabilized, this morning, Monday, November 22, at the Central Bank of Morocco.

The price of the euro today in Morocco

The price of the euro at the Central Bank of Morocco settled at 10.13 dirhams for purchase, and 11.78 dirhams for sale.

While the price of the dollar reached about 8.92 dirhams for purchase and 10.37 dirhams for sale.

And the price of the pound sterling recorded about 12.05 dirhams for purchase and 14.00 dirhams for sale.

The price of the UAE dirham and the Saudi riyal

The price of the Saudi riyal at the Central Bank of Morocco recorded 2.37 dirhams for purchase, and 2.76 dirhams for sale.

The price of the UAE dirham at the Central Bank of Morocco was about 2.43 dirhams for purchase and 2.82 dirhams for sale.

The Moroccan House of Representatives had approved the 2022 budget, which aspires to revive the economy affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and gave priority to health and education.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fattah Alawi, stressed during the discussion of the project, which was approved by the Council by a majority, that it “is based on three priorities: employment, health and education.”

She referred in particular to a program to employ 250,000 young people who lost their jobs due to the crisis in public works projects over a period of two years, and to support 50,000 young people to establish businesses.

The bill was approved by 206 deputies of the majority, while the opposition parties voted against it with a total of 67 votes, while no deputies recorded abstaining from voting on the bill.

It is expected that the draft will be referred to the second chamber of Parliament, which will discuss it in turn, approve it after making the necessary amendments to the text, and then refer it again to the first chamber, which will ratify it once and for all.

Subsequently, the law ratified by Parliament will be published in the Official Gazette, to enter into force starting next January.


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