Currency, gold and oil prices today


The Saudi Press Agency “SPA” issued the daily economic bulletin for the prices of currencies, metals and oil.

According to the “Economic Bulletin”, the exchange rate of currencies against the dollar at 8 pm, Saudi time, was as follows:

Today’s currencies:

The Saudi riyal is 3.75.
The UAE dirham is 3.67.
Bahraini dinar 0.37.
The Omani riyal is 0.38.
The Qatari riyal is 3.64.
Kuwaiti dinar 0.30.
The Egyptian pound is 15.65.
The euro is 0.88.
The pound sterling 0.74.
Chinese yuan 6.38.

gold today:

The bulletin dealt with the prices of precious metals, and the price of each of:
Gold, $1,819.4 an ounce.
Silver $24.54 an ounce.
Platinum $1031 an ounce.
Palladium is $2000.5 an ounce.

Oil today:

Regarding oil, the prices were for:
Brent $79.89.
Light Nymex $76.91.
Oil and gas $671.
Natural gas $4,799.
Propane gas $4,947.


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