Cryptocurrencies gain 40 billion dollars in 24 hours


The “Bitcoin” currency returned to gain more than 1145 dollars during trading today, Sunday, to exceed the 64.82 thousand dollars barrier again.

According to data from the CoinMarketCap website, which monitors the performance of digital currencies, Bitcoin rose 1.9% in early trading today, amid increasing global investment demand.
In early trading, the total market capitalization of the bitcoin price rose by about 2.5 percent, equivalent to $30 billion, to reach $1.22 trillion from $1.19 trillion.

In terms of other cryptocurrencies, during today’s trading, the “Ethereum” currency rose by 0.5%, reaching the level of $4.63 thousand. The “Binance Coin” currency rose by 4% to reach about $ 646.02.

The “Solana” currency rose by 4.9%, to about $236.34. And the “Rebel” currency increased by 1.64%, reaching about $1.18. The Sheba currency rose by 3.3%, reaching about $0.0000528.

In the same hour of today’s trading, the total market value of digital currencies rose to about $2.83 trillion, compared to $2.79 trillion, with a profit of about $40 billion, equivalent to 1.4 percent.


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