Corona: an increase in the number of injuries in Germany and a general closure in Austria


LONDON – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” and agencies: German Health Minister Jens Spahn warned, yesterday, Monday, that most German residents will either “receive vaccinated, recovered or died” from Covid by the end of winter due to the high number of Covid-19 infections, while the outgoing Chancellor spoke Angela Merkel’s mandate for a “tragic” situation.
The minister said, “Most likely, by the end of this winter (…) everyone will be either vaccinated, recovered, or died” as a result of the spread of the “highly contagious” delta mutant. “Therefore, we urgently recommend receiving the vaccine,” he added. He again called on the Germans to obtain the vaccine “urgently”, while the proportion of people who received one dose is still lower than the rates recorded in many other European countries.
Germany, especially its southern and eastern regions, has been hard hit by a new wave of the epidemic that experts and politicians attribute to the low rate of immunization (68 percent), which is among the lowest in Western Europe.
And the “Robert Koch Institute” reports that Germany, the largest country in the European Union in terms of population, recorded 30,643 new infections on Monday, bringing the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic to more than 5.3 million. About 100,000 people have died so far, including 62 people in the last 24 hours.
In the face of the resurgence of the epidemic, which has killed more than 99,000 people in Germany since its appearance, Merkel and her potential successor Olaf Scholz decided last week to tighten restrictions on people who are not immunized. But the outgoing chancellor warned Monday that the measures currently in place in Germany “are no longer sufficient” in the face of the “tragic situation” caused by Covid-19. She added, during a closed meeting with cadres of her conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, that the health situation “will be worse than anything we have seen” so far.
“We are currently witnessing a fourth wave, the situation is very difficult in many hospitals in Germany,” youths said during a press conference. He continued, “We see that this wave is gradually spreading westward,” while the intensive care rooms in hospitals have reached the saturation point, especially due to the shortage of health workers. Gernot Marx, president of the German Confederation of Intensive Medicine, warned that this was causing “extreme fatigue” for hospitals in some regions, making patient transportation necessary.
As for Austria, Monday began the fourth nationwide closure to combat Covid-19, thus becoming the first country in Western Europe to re-impose this unacceptable measure in the face of a jump in Corona virus infections this fall. This is the first time a general lockdown has been imposed since the vaccines were widely available.
The government says most places where people congregate, such as restaurants and bars, will not open for an initial 10 days, and possibly 20 days. The Christmas markets were also closed after they had just opened. Hotels have also closed their doors to guests who were not there when the general closure took effect.
In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte yesterday attacked what he described as “idiots” who took part in urban unrest across the country at the weekend when protests against anti-coronavirus policies marred violence. More than 100 people were arrested during the violence over three nights that saw police shoot rioters in Rotterdam on Friday. “This is pure violence disguised as a protest,” Rutte said in his criticism of the worst unrest since a general closure led to widespread unrest in January.
He added, “There is a lot of unrest in society because we have been addressing the suffering of Corona for a long time, but I will never surrender to idiots who use pure violence just because they are angry.” Thirty people were arrested on Sunday after dozens of arrests in the previous two days when mobs of angry youths set fires and threw stones at police.


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