Between the rise in injuries, the closure of schools and the airport, and New Year’s parties… What did the Minister of Health, Firas Abyad, say?


The Minister of Health, Firas Abyad, indicated in an interview with “Wahalaq Shaw” via “Al-Jadeed” that the vaccination campaign in schools was not as quickly as desired and there were obstacles, especially in public schools, and tomorrow we will have a meeting with the Minister of Education to take decisive decisions, pointing out that there is a proposal that will be discussed. The Ministry of Health is with the Ministry of Education about extending the winter vacation, stressing preventive measures in schools that do not adhere to these measures, and about vaccinating teachers.

Al-Abyad welcomed Mr. Nasrallah’s offer, considering that Corona is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health alone, welcoming any party that wants to help the Ministry of Health in fighting Corona.

Abyad added: It is important not to repeat what happened during the New Year period last year, and if the numbers of injuries were large, “for every recent incident.”

Regarding the mutant “Omicron”, Abyad said: There is not enough information about the mutant until now, and we must increase the readiness of hospitals and the number of beds after the recent decrease in their number, stressing that “one of the donor countries will provide diesel to hospitals.”

He concluded: We have a problem with tracking after the PCR procedure upon the arrival of travelers to the airport, and the World Health Organization said that it is too early to talk about the closure of airports.


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