Because of the new corona boom: the inclusion of South African countries in the red list and the reopening of “corona hotels”


Tonight, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a private discussion session with senior officials in the health sector, following the discovery of a new mutation of the Corona virus in countries in southern

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The African continent, which scientists say contains at least a dozen mutant, some of which are unfamiliar to them.
At the end of the session, Bennett said: “He agreed to the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to put countries in southern Africa on the red list.” The decision will be submitted to ministers’ approval in a telephone poll, and will take effect immediately.
It is possible that other countries in which the new mutation will be discovered will be placed on the red list as well, after a long time when the list of red countries to which Israeli citizens are prohibited from traveling was empty.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett instructed to examine the possibility of immediately stopping flights from these countries to and from Israel to Israel, or implementing another plan to prevent the spread of the strain in Israel.

Seven-day quarantine for returnees from these red countries
In the same context, the countries that were classified as red are: South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia or Eswatini, and foreigners coming from these countries will not be able to enter Israel, and all returnees from these countries will be referred, including This includes those who have been vaccinated with the third dose of the vaccine, to be quarantined in Corona hotels for a period of seven days, and they will not be able to get wounds from it, except after conducting two Corona PCR examinations that have a negative result. Passengers who refuse to undergo a corona examination will also be subject to quarantine at the Corona Hotel for a period of 14 days.

The discovery of a new mutation of the Corona virus in South Africa
On the other hand, health scientists announced today, Thursday, the discovery of a new mutation (“P.1.1.529”) of the Corona virus in South Africa, which has a “very high” number of mutations.
“Unfortunately, we have discovered a worrying new mutant” in this country most affected on the continent by the epidemic, with more than 2.9 million infections and 89,600 deaths, said virologist Tulio de Oliveira at a press conference.
At this point, scientists do not know how effective the COVID-19 vaccines will be in fighting this new mutated virus.
It is possible that the emergence of this new mutation caused the “escalating rise” in the number of Covid-19 infections in recent weeks, according to Health Minister Joe Vahla, who is present at the press conference held by the scientists.
Other infections with this mutation were recorded in neighboring Botswana and Hong Kong in a person who returned from a trip in South Africa.

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